The Veterinary Centre
of Postgraduate Training


The History of the Veterinary Centre of Postgraduate Training

Postgraduate training in Puławy has practically existed since the establishment of the Institute. Initially, veterinarians were trained occasionally on the premises of particular departments. The training mainly involved microbiology, parasitology, diseases of poultry and fish, and food hygiene. According to available data, a total of 26 courses were conducted during 1951 - 1961, with 543 veterinarians trained.

Organised forms of in-service training for veterinary services at the Veterinary Institute commenced in 1962, when the post of training organisation and coordination administrator was created. The post was held by Kazimierz Rzeszowski, DVM, who organised the training until 1971. At that time the departments and facilities of the Institute conducted the training for course attendees on their own. During 1962 - 1971, as many as 97 courses were taught, each lasting from 6 to 36 days and attended by groups of 15 - 45 veterinarians.

The lack of accommodations and proper technical facilities precluded the development of training activity that would correspond to the growing needs of the veterinary services. As a result, it was decided to build a genuine Training Centre. The Centre of Education and Development of Veterinary Services in Puławy commenced its training activity on the 9th of September, 1971. It was headed by Zbigniew Służewski, DVM, whereas Antoni Tekliński, DVM, PhD, became the head of the Personnel Training Department.

In 1974, as a result of organisational changes, the Centre was renamed as the Centre of Veterinary Personnel Training. Antoni Tekliński, DVM, PhD, was appointed the head of the Centre. In 1980 - 1987, he was replaced by Stefan Drozdowski, DVM, PhD, and then, until 1992, by Professor Stanisław Tereszczuk, DVM, PhD. In 1992 - 1998 the Centre was headed by Professor Tadeusz Wijaszka, DVM, PhD, ScD, who expanded the activity of the Centre to include specialisation training programmes.

In 1994 the Centre of Veterinary Personnel Training changed the name to the Veterinary Centre of Postgraduate Training (WCKP).

In the years that followed WCKP was headed by Jerzy Krasucki, DVM, PhD (1998 - 2002), Adam Dzierżawski, DVM, PhD (2002 - 2006), and the current head is Katarzyna Szymanek, DVM, PhD.

Scope of activity
  • organisation of training, seminars, courses etc.
  • development of programs and plans of in-service training for veterinarians and veterinary inspection employees
  • administrative and technical management of postgraduate studies
  • organisation of national and international scientific conferences in veterinary and related fields
  • collaboration with scientific centres in Poland and abroad, veterinary inspection authorities, as well as other entities as regards organisation of training and conferences

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